Master of Athletic Training Program Student Lands Internship with NFL's Los Angeles Chargers


Name: Stephone Baker

Undergraduate Major: Health Science 

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Career Goal: Over the course of my career, my plan is to become an athletic trainer in the NFL, then a program director at a university.

Stephone Baker, member of the inaugural cohort of the Master of Athletic Training Program in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Petrock College of Health Sciences, has been accepted into a highly-selective internship with the NFL's Los Angeles Chargers. He will begin his placement in May upon graduation from B-CU with his master's degree. Dr. Torrance Williams is his chair and co-creator of the program.

Q: What is one experience that contributed to your success in the program? 

A: My clinical experience with the B-CU football team was the best experience contributing to my success in the program. The hands-on work of taking care of the athletes, treating, assessing, preventing, and rehabilitating their injuries, not to mention getting to know who they are and building a rapport with the coaches. 

Q: How did you hear about the NFL internship and what was your process? 

A: I learned about the opportunities from my professors and preceptors, sent my resume and cover letter to almost every team in the NFL. Eventually, I ended up getting letters in the mail, most were saying they had already chosen the candidates for the season or summer term, but most importantly I didn’t give up. Eventually I received a call from the Los Angeles Chargers and I went through a series of interviews with them and figuring out how I could contribute to their great organization. Then I was offered a summer internship a few months later.

Q: What will you be doing with the Los Angeles Charger and for how long will you be there?

A: The team will rely heavily on the summer interns for coverage of the larger number of players present. Interns can expect to be exposed to a variety of rotating responsibilities each week, including field setup and breakdown for practice, taping and rehab to get them involved in different aspects of training camp and OTA’s (Organized Team Activities). I should be there when training camp begins around mid July until the preseason is done around late August.

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