Former International Student Augustinas Navickas Shares Life After Undergrad

Currently I’m beginning my career with NFI Industries here in Daytona Beach. My role now is that of a Logistics Coordinator in the transportation department. In this role I am part of the team responsible for planning and executing successful order deliveries to 16 “Trader Joe’s” stores in VA, NC, and SC on a daily basis.

The keys to success in this position are the following: great communication, quick problem solving, ability to do research, knowledge of data analytics, and a positive attitude. The best perk of the job is working only 3.5 days per week as we fit our 40h work schedule in half of the week; therefore, I am able to have a full time career and a 3.5 day weekend all at once.

This gives me an opportunity to have plenty of time to better myself outside of work. Other perks include working with a diverse team from all around the globe, as well as having the ability to transfer to numerous markets in the U.S. and Canada, all while continuing to grow within the same company.

NFI Industries is a great family owned company that continues to invest into a better tomorrow through supporting sustainability, training and hiring veterans, and developing young talent such as myself. While taking the few first steps into the real world after graduating from B-CU proved to be very challenging, I am truly happy with the path I’ve been on thus far.

Troy LyleComment