Freshman Manit Bhusal Is Enjoying Every Day At B-CU

By: Augustinas Navickas, Communications Internship Program

Manit Bhusal is only the tenth international Wildcat to enroll at Bethune-Cookman University from Nepal. Even though he is still a freshman, Manit’s experience studying computer science, combined with his interest in computer engineering, has made his first semester at B-CU a joyful experience. 

Coming from a small city of Devchuli in southern Nepal, Manit traveled over 8,370 miles to arrive to the World’s Most Famous Beach. The long journey proved to present many challenges and forced him to adjust to the Western way of life. However, Manit is happy with his choice and is loving his B-CU experience. Some of the changes, in fact, were quite drastic.

For starters, the city of Devchuli is a mountainous area of Nepal, whereas in Daytona Beach, as is most of Florida, is almost as flat as you will ever see. Furthermore, the frequent tourists visiting the Atlantic Ocean in Daytona Beach serve as proof of how attractive the year-round warm weather of Florida really is. That however, was not the case in Devchuli where the weather can get frosty and people are experiencing all four seasons: spring, fall, winter, monsoon/summer. Besides the environmental changes, Manit indicates that continually speaking English, which he started learning in kindergarten, proved to be the biggest adjustment.

Following is a short Q&A with Manit:

What made you choose Bethune-Cookman University to obtain collegiate education?
One of my friends from Nepal, who is currently a junior at B-CU, recommended me to this university. After I applied here, I received a reasonable amount of scholarships, therefore, I decided to attend B-CU.

Why the Computer Science major?
I’m studying computer science in this semester but I think I’ll change it to computer Engineering next semester. After graduating, I have a goal to become a software developer.

When you first arrived to campus, what was it like?It was an amazing feeling. It was my first time out of my country… I got to see new places, meet new people and learn new cultures. Therefore, I’m happy about it.

Sounds like you’re having a good time. Do you love B-CU? If so, why?Of course I love B-CU. This university has given me so many things… It has given me access to affordable education, a place to live in a country which is miles away from my home and more. If I hadn’t known about B-CU, I wouldn’t have been here in the U.S. 

If someone from your home asked for your advice because they want to attend B-CU, what would you tell them?I would recommend to attend B-CU. In fact, I have recommended one of my friends to attend B-CU for fall of 2019, and if everything goes well, we will have the eleventh Nepali at B-CU shortly.

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