College of Business and Entrepreneurship Students Help Promote Cricket Field of Dreams

College of Business and Entrepreneurship students were required to develop a promotional plan for a new cricket sports complex in Prairie View, Texas as part of a class project for practical experience. The Cricket Complex will include 10 to 12 fields on 86 acres and is the second largest in the world. Its development is poised to make the sport popular in the United States.

Prairie View Mayor David Allen supported the project and was so impressed with the outcome, he invited B-CU students Randy Hamm, Lukas Atkins, Bryan Jefferson, Tatyanna Bell, Carissa Barnes, Anthony McGrew, Brittany Smith and Andrew Mack to the city. The Mayor paid for the accommodations for the students and for food and local travel. Dean Ida Wright was able to secure flights for the students.

Students met with the Mayor and were hosted by Dean of Business at Prairie View Dr. Munir Quddus. B-CU students are currently collaborating with their peers at Prairie View A&T to continue the promotional campaign. The students were accompanied by Dean Ida Wright and Professor of Education Dr. Chevelle Hall. Click here to read more about the project.

Troy LyleComment