Dr. Headly White Featured Speaker on Importance of Cultural Competence in Education

Dr. Headley White, Associate Professor of Education in the College of Education was one of five featured speakers at Men on a Mission: Your Delay is not a Denial at The Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Cultural Center in Mims, Florida, earlier this month. Dr. White shared his journey through the nation’s largest and most diverse educational systems — New York and Miami — and the issues that were and remain prevalent that hinder the success of African American youth, especially males.

Dr. White's presentation highlighted the shortage of Black male teachers and the importance of cultural competence in academia and throughout the educational system from early childhood to college.

“It is important to inform young men that they can persevere through any adverse circumstance they encounter,” said Dr. White. “Whether it is being retained, diagnosed with learning disabilities in college, or not acquiring achievements based on others’ projections, it is critical that African American and minority youths of color see positive role models who are willing to share their journeys.”

For more information, reach Dr. White at whiteh@cookman.edu.

Troy LyleComment